Hi, I´m Jamin, I´m a Korean German multi-instrumentalist, based in Aachen, Germany. I write and produce my own music in my little home studio and play different instruments in different projects/bands.

In my duo project MINOH (Git/Vocals- Drums) we play Asian Post Rock with progressive guitar riffs, lots of synths, lots of bass.

Basically the songs in MINOH give everyone the finger, including myself. It´s about breaking free from roles and rules that people and the world give you, that make you wear different  "masks" all the time. It´s about trusting your intuition and finding your own way, without listening to peoples´ opinions and discussions.

Growing up in Germany as a preacher´s daughter of a traditional South Korean family I quickly learned how to play different roles in different situations.

  • the role of the well-behaved Korean daughter, fluent in German and Korean, good student, who can switch smoothly between both cultural behaviors. 
  • The role of the tough female metal guitarist and party girl in the local HC-Metal scene.
  • The role of the serious classical guitarist who plays virtuoso classical pieces in front of an well-educated and sophisticated audience.

Other people´s expectations and my own expectations in each role loaded a ton of pressure on me, till it nearly collapsed. It took me quite a while to break through these and other social roles and figure out who I am and who I really wanted to be. 

MINOH shows that process of inner fights, the doubt and anger about me and the world, but also self reflection and the gain of freedom and power when you get to know yourself. 

The debut EP of MINOH will be released on January 29th 2021.  

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Yours, Jamin